Video: Adventure Skiing New Zealand: a Puzzle

Video: Adventure Skiing New Zealand: a Puzzle

Na zveřejnili videlo od beau fredlund na téma backcountry lyžování na Novém Zélande ve skládačce. Jak autor videa uvádí, jedna se o čistě „Heli-free adventure skiing in Aotearoa!“ Pěkná motivace na zimní období.

Beau Fredlund k tomu říká:
„From the jungles of Aspiring, to the endless moraine of the Tasman, Nick Webb and Beau Fredlund navigate matagouri, fly-fish for tussock, onsight in the Arrowsmiths, abseil off Ellie, and eventually enjoy Wanaka’s infamous Mofo burger.. All part of the puzzle. Learning and living with passion and humility.“

a editor Ryan Dunfee doplňuje:
„Beau Fredlund is not like most of us. While many of us might fancy a summer trip to New Zealand to satisfy the travel itch and pow withdrawal, we’d likely end up on a chairlift near Queenstown, or at least clipping ourselves into one of the infamous nutcracker rope toes at one of the island nation’s infamous club fields. But Beau’d prefer to charge halfway around the world, buy a shitty sedan at a used car auction, and charge that bad Larry as far up some backwoods sheep road as possible before spending the rest of the trip on foot, earning every slash of foreign pow on a skintrack. Good on ya, Beau…“

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